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** Printed in the USA with Non-Toxic Ink **

Sweet Dreams: The Talking Horse from Brooklyn is a nonfiction children’s book about animal communication and friendship. Each page depicts the adventures of a devoted woman and an injured horse who are determined to help the world realize that animals possess the ability to communicate without words. Based on actual events, this heartwarming story describes a journey of healing by a horse encouraged by his animal friends.

“Sweet Dreams is real and teaches what science and wisdom of all ages know about the power of listening ‘on purpose’ and with an open heart. Each page dances with life and will delight and teach children to respect and cultivate their innate ability to attune to the connection among all living things.”
– Christina Bethell, PhD, Professor of Child Health, Johns Hopkins University

“Everything about this book is unique and special. I could feel Sweetie’s energy and love as I read his words. Many truly great messages for children of all ages.”
– Myra Cohen, LMHC


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