A New Life for Diana & Xavier

I have been teaching folks how to communicate with animals for decades. Most seek out these classes because they desire a deeper understanding of their animal companions. Each session offers a wonderful opportunity for people to experience what is like to send and receive information telepathically, which is the first language of the animals.

In the fall of 2017, I began teaching at Yavapai College. The classes were large with a head count as many as twenty-five. We would meet for ninety minutes once a week for four weeks in order to cover all the basic material. When I completed each course, I would then schedule another for the following semester. Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of people.

A short time after the 2017 session when I was at the local farmers market, I heard someone call my name.
I turned and a woman said to me, “Donna, do you remember me? My name is Diana; I was at your animal communication class at the college with Xavier. We met in your class and now we are getting married.”

I was pleased to see her and thrilled to hear this wonderful news. I thought to myself, the animals are constantly at work for humans. When we seek better relationships with our animals, we find benefit in ways we could never predict. Animal Communication dramatically changed the trajectory of my life. Diana & Xavier are now on a new path together.

We seek to care for our animals when in fact I see repeatedly that they are actually caring for us. The animals will always point us in the direction of love.

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