A Special Message from Sweetie the Talking Horse

“And if you believe you can, then you can!”
– Sweet Dreams

Animals influence us in subtle ways that we often do not even notice. They silently support us and consistently demonstrate wisdom. They possess intelligence and an ability to communicate that is sometimes difficult for us to imagine, because our culture tends to measure mental capacity with the ability to speak. Communication with other species is an ordinary occurrence for children but often our adult culture demands otherwise.

The silent language of animals demands that we tune into the pace of nature. We return to the heart in doing so, where children and animals naturally reside. It propels us to respect all that is around us. This is not mystical or a miracle of sorts; it is merely telepathic in nature. One way to describe telepathy is to say that it is the transfer of thoughts or feelings between beings, by means other than sight and sound.

Telepathic animal communication is an exchange of energy between the heart, mind, and spirit, from one being to another. Energy is the basis of our Universe; everything that is material begins as energy. Our words are formed by the energy of our thoughts. When we learn to read/speak, we relate a picture to a word. The telepathic process involves the sending of energy (visual pictures or words in the form of thoughts) to the animal, and receiving a reply the same way. In other words, it’s simply tuning into the energy by which animals naturally communicate. It is important to note that telepathy or the transferring of energy from one being to another is not bound by space; therefore, it is not necessary to physically be with the animal when communicating.

We have long lost our innate abilities to communicate without language, an ability we actually all possess but have simply forgotten how to use. This form of communication is called telepathy.

Our responsibility is to create a safe and loving environment for both children and animals to experience joy while navigating the twists and turns of life.

This message is excerpted from Sweet Dreams, the Talking Horse from Brooklyn.

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