About Donna

Professional Animal Communicator and certified homeopath, Donna Lozito has an eclectic background. For twenty years, Donna worked in corporate America so that she could support her horse, Sweet Dreams. When Sweet Dreams fell ill, Donna was inspired to study holistic approaches to wellness. It was her horse who taught Donna how to talk to the animals. She has been practicing animal communication since 1994.

One of her life goals is to help people reconnect with their innate ability to communicate without language, an ability that everyone possesses but has simply forgotten how to use. Our present day culture has inhibited our ability to listen to what other species might be trying to convey.

Donna now lives in Arizona, where she teaches and works with clients around the world, as well as domestic and wild animals.

As one of the first in her field to introduce this topic to children, Donna wrote a children’s book entitled Sweet Dreams: The Talking Horse from Brooklyn that explores animal communication and friendship. This book explains to children the importance of understanding how animals think and feel, cultivating a sense of respect for all beings and all of nature.

She has made appearances on:

  • Good Day New York
  • Good Morning New York
  • International Radio in England, and other international news programs
  • The Sally Jessie Raphael Show
  • Animal Planet
  • The Howard Stern Show
  • The Karen Tates Radio Show
  • ABC’s Sonoran Living
  • Magnolia Film’s Q&A Panel for the film STRAY

Donna has been mentioned in the following publications:

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