What is Animal Communication?

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yellow dog paw and human hand shaking, friendship

We have long lost our innate abilities to communicate without language, an ability we actually all possess but have simply forgotten how to use. This form of communication is called telepathy. One way to describe telepathy is to say that it is the transfer of thoughts or feelings between beings by means other than sight and sound.

I describe telepathic animal communication as communication between the heart, mind, and Spirit from one being to another. This telepathic process involves the sending of energy (thought forms) to the animal and receiving a reply. In other words, it’s simply tuning into the energy by which animals naturally communicate.

Because telepathy, or the transferring of energy forms from one being to another, is not bound by space, it is not necessary to physically be with the animal when communicating.

In conversation with our pets we can resolve behavioral issues because we can understand the source of the problem. In cases of deeply held emotions the animal can explain their feelings. Physical discomforts can also be detected and supported with these therapies. Also, grieving can be processed and released through communication between a deceased animal and their human companion.

Good communication helps us to be more compassionate by opening our hearts to understanding the perspective of another. When we are truly respectful of another being-no matter what the species-we can consciously create harmony in all our relationships. It is only by creating peace in our hearts and our home that we help to create Peace on the Earth.

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