Animals in Spirit: Making the Connection

Our experience with our animal friends is often as individual and meaningful as our human relationships. I am writing about this because I am often asked how the animals feel about death and dying, and what exactly happens to them after they pass on. Our upbringing and our culture play a role in forming our beliefs about this topic. I have had the opportunity to communicate with many animals in spirit and found that this connection offers great comfort and continued guidance for their people. Each relationship carries its specific purpose and it is not one way for all beings.

In my experience, the soul journey of an animal is not that different from that of a human. It is true that their viewpoint and acceptance of death may be quite different from ours, as humans tend to believe that death is “the end” even though we may unconsciously know otherwise. The animals are less fearful of death, because they are aware that it is a mere fact of life and they know that it is a continuation of their experience in a different form.

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