A Life & Death Decision for Ferdinand the Fly

When summer ends, the insects get their last experiences of the season before the cooler temperatures arrive. I am always watching my hummingbird feeder for unwanted visitors who are attempting to drink the nectar. I have a bee-proof feeder, which makes it just about impossible for anybody but a hummer to extract sweet water.

A few days ago, I spotted what looked like a large insect surrounding the opening on the feeder. As I approached, I find a large fly sitting over one of the openings for the hummingbird to drink. He was large enough that I could see his eyes staring back at me when I gazed in his direction. I communicated to him that I knew he planned to help himself to a sweet drink.

I spoke the following message to him: “You can go in there if you want to, but I tell you, you will not come out; you will drown because you are not a bird.” I used my language. I also sent a clear visual of him swimming for his life inside the feeder. The animals and all of nature pick up the energy behind our words and comprehend the message energetically.

He hesitated, looked directly at me, and flew onto the railing. It was clear he did get the message and made the decision to find his sweet spot somewhere else. I told him I thought it was a good decision, and with that he flew away.

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High Quality Omega-3 Oil for Animals

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    Compromise: The Key to Happy Relationships

    When I first moved to Arizona, I was living alone up in the mountains. It was quite the contrast from New York City, because in New York one could be alone and never actually feel like it amidst the constant hustle and bustle. Nevertheless, I took the plunge and left the city upon the insistence of my horse, Sweet Dreams Lozito.

    After a few days at my new mountain home, a cat appeared. He was a Maine coon mix, who took a liking to my deck. Scout lived with a neighbor across the street but would spend all of his outside time sitting in my lounge chair.

    When I asked him what he was doing there, he said, “Your horse says you’re lonely, so that’s why I am here… he sent me.”

    Some time passed, and I allowed Scout to come inside. I began to feed him a holistic diet of raw liver, lamb, chicken, etc. He spent most of his nights outside and most days on my deck. He enjoyed the freedom of the mountains and the comforts of home as well. While I felt that he was lucky to have both, he felt that it was his divine right.

    He was quite a savvy hunter. He navigated his way in a forest of all things wild. He began to bring dead hummingbirds to my doorstep almost daily. Since hummingbirds are one of my favorite animals, I could not cope with this. So, we had a conversation.

    I said, “Scout, I realize it is your instinct is to kill small birds, but I love these little birds and it is difficult for me to watch you do this. If you must continue, I understand… but please do all your work OFF THIS DECK.”

    To emphasize this, I sent him a visual as I spoke. I would send him a visual picture each day. The picture was of him with his birds in the driveway or in the forest, but off the deck. He looked at me with disappointed eyes, but reluctantly agreed. From that day forward, he continued to hunt birds but he did also respect my wishes. At times, I would see him off in the driveway with his kill. Each time I opened the door to let him out into his domain I would repeat, “Remember, Scout: ANIMALS OFF THE DECK!” with that same visual image. He would acknowledge me as he walked away, “Yeah, yeah yeah… I heard you.” I made sure I repeated this each time I opened the door to let him out, because animals live in the present moment and they often do not recall past conversations on their own. Being present requires presence at every turn.

    I no longer have Scout unfortunately, and I miss him to this day. When Scout decided to leave, he said that he was a transient healer and there was another family that needed him. He assured me that I did not need him any longer. I was grateful for the closure.

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    A New Life for Diana & Xavier

    I have been teaching folks how to communicate with animals for decades. Most seek out these classes because they desire a deeper understanding of their animal companions. Each session offers a wonderful opportunity for people to experience what is like to send and receive information telepathically, which is the first language of the animals.

    In the fall of 2017, I began teaching at Yavapai College. The classes were large with a head count as many as twenty-five. We would meet for ninety minutes once a week for four weeks in order to cover all the basic material. When I completed each course, I would then schedule another for the following semester. Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of people.

    A short time after the 2017 session when I was at the local farmers market, I heard someone call my name.
    I turned and a woman said to me, “Donna, do you remember me? My name is Diana; I was at your animal communication class at the college with Xavier. We met in your class and now we are getting married.”

    I was pleased to see her and thrilled to hear this wonderful news. I thought to myself, the animals are constantly at work for humans. When we seek better relationships with our animals, we find benefit in ways we could never predict. Animal Communication dramatically changed the trajectory of my life. Diana & Xavier are now on a new path together.

    We seek to care for our animals when in fact I see repeatedly that they are actually caring for us. The animals will always point us in the direction of love.

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    What is Grief?

    Many of us are all too familiar with the feelings associated with grief of loss. When we experience the loss of a loved one we experience a state of being that dramatically shifts us into a new level of existence. This change can be sudden, and it affects our lives forever. It is a stress of sorts because we experience emotions we often do not feel equipped to deal with. We may find that those close to us want to help make it better and offer possible solutions.

    It is important for each of us to understand our needs, and realize that our loved one(s) are still very near in spirit and in our hearts. In my experience, when connecting with my beloved horse, Sweet Dreams, I have found it very uplifting to know that he is still as present in my life as he was before he left his body. The focus of my journey has changed but the support from our relationship has shifted. I became aware of the reasons and timing for his departure and see that it was all in perfect and divine order.

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    Does Communicating with Animals Raise Our Consciousness?

    Each time we attempt to have a conversation with an animal or any part of nature, we quiet the mind and slow down the thought process; we begin to listen with all of our being. When we open other channels or pathways of communication that are available to us, we expand our energy field and raise our vibration. As we communicate regularly in this way with our animals, these pathways and new connections grow stronger. We then become more attuned with the energetic world where our animals live and breathe. Telepathic communication opens us to deeper awareness; awareness is the pathway to healing.

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    An Important Conversation for the Animals

    I was deeply moved by STRAY, a Magnolia Films production. I was honored to be a part of such a essential conversation. Check out the below discussion about the film and its importance for the animals!

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    A Roach on the Run

    The following experience was the talk of an entire building in midtown Manhattan. It demonstrates how far the public has come in accepting communication with other species and is a great example of when the effectiveness of animal communication work cannot be denied.

    I had been doing animal communication work for about a decade at that time. In order to supplement my income, I also did some construction and design work. One job in the spring of 2006 involved construction of the entire 48th floor of one of New York’s skyscrapers. The employees of this company had no choice but to remain in temporary workstations on the floor during construction.

    The insects, rodents, and various species loved the homes they had so cleverly constructed in the walls and between the floors of these towers that line the skies of New York. One day during the construction, I was called to see how the roaches (the large ones that fly) were dropping out of the ceiling onto people and even crawling inside the clothes of some of the employees. The employees demanded that I call an exterminator. They had already killed one of the bugs, which I could see lay crushed on the floor.

    The women were hysterical and even the men in their own way were equally hysterical. I told them I would not call an exterminator but that I would like to ask the roaches to leave. The looks from the group were priceless. This particular group, clearly representing mainstream corporate America, gasped at the thought of speaking with a roach.

    I proceeded to explain to the roaches that if they did not leave the area there would be more deaths like the roach that had already been crushed. I explained that if they did not leave the exterminator would come and the entire floor would be fumigated. They clearly understood and agreed to go.

    The construction workers and employees thought that I should be committed and named insane for this act but they were desperate. They had no choice but to wait and see if this communication had done any good, since it was Friday afternoon and even if I had agreed to an exterminator, it would have taken at least until Monday for one to come. I was sure that our roaches understood my message and they would not return at least for a while.

    To the amazement of the employees, the bugs did not return for the rest of the week. At least they did not interfere with the humans who invaded their space. Then on the following Friday and employee summoned me to the area again but this time the request went like this: “Donna, could you please talk to the roaches again. One fell from the ceiling again and we would like them to leave.” I could feel their presence in the partially opened ceiling.

    When I contacted the roaches I said, “If you don’t leave, this group will make me call an exterminator and it will be unpleasant for us all.” I got an angry reply, “Where do you want us to go? I told them go up or down but get off this floor at least until the work was complete.

    I explained to the workers that the roaches were angry, and that these bugs have been living peacefully in this building for a long time and all of a sudden we have invaded their space and their lives. I explained that the roaches felt they had the just as much right to be in between that floor as the people had to be on that floor, if not more.

    As I conversed further with the roaches, the leader of their group said that it really was an accident this time. His mate was walking along the grid and slipped and fell to his death. They agreed again to leave the premises temporarily.

    We have not seen a roach since. We had reports that people saw our insect friends on the 47th and 49th floors in the weeks following. I have since communicated that for a while they would have to be very careful where they stepped. They agreed and appreciated the warnings.

    I am pleased that part of corporate America has experienced the level at which other species can communicate. It is our responsibility to open to this possibility.

    Species Link: Issue 63 / Summer: July-September 2006

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    The Importance of Clarity in Communication

    We must be clear with our messages. Our animal friends innately feel the energy that accompanies our communication. Be conscious of the thought or image that you project when speaking with them. Our actual words only support the conversation because they are reading the energies of our intention. They will come to identify the sound and energy or your words along with the visual that you send.

    Animals can identify insincerity and will respond accordingly. If we are not in alignment with what we communicate to them, they will lose trust in the relationship. Animal Communication requires us to open our heart.

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    A Matter of Perspective

    I would like to share an experience I had with my horse Sweetie, because it demonstrated for me how each of us see the world from our own viewpoints. Often we may project or assume (as I did in this case) that the other should see or feel the same way that we do. Once again, Sweetie taught me in a way that I could not forget.

    Sweetie and I had just arrived at a new horse rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania, in hopes of strengthening his immune system to help his injured leg heal. The farm was located in the center of Amish country. Since it was not advisable to put an injured horse in a large pasture before being evaluated by his new vet, I would hand walk him as much as possible for light exercise and some grazing. Hand walking a horse is not much different than walking a dog; horses are attached to a lead line (“a leash”), which attaches to a halter that straps gently around their head.

    On this particular day, it was sunny and bright. Together, we walked around the area of the barn. Some distance away on the road, I spotted a typical Amish horse and buggy heading in our direction, which is a sight that I was familiar with as I had seen movies that portrayed the way the Amish live. Sweetie had his head down in the grass and was doing some serious grazing, so he had not yet seen the buggy. I thought to myself that this should not scare him. After all, he was from Brooklyn and if he could be hand walked in traffic without it being frightened, he could surely handle a horse with a buggy behind it. My assumption was that he was around other horses every day. Why would this be any different?

    At the moment that Sweetie spotted it on the road, he took to flight – with me on the other end of the lead line! In that moment, I had no chance of convincing him that he was safe, nor could I stop a 2000 pound animal in that state. The only way I could possibly even slow him down was to throw myself in a nearby bush to gain in order not to be dragged down the driveway. This did indeed slow him down because I would not let go of the lead line. I knew instinctively knew that if I let go Sweetie would be off and running in a very unfamiliar place, which would frighten him even more.

    Once the horse and buggie passed us and he saw that it was just passing by, he began to calm down. When we I calmed down to the point that I could communicate with him, I said, “Sweetie, what was that all about? It was simply a horse, like you pulling a wagon. How could this frighten you so?”

    He replied, “I saw that buggie chasing that horse, and I was out of there.” It was in that moment that I realized that we each see the world through the lens of our experience or individual perception. If we can keep this in the forefront when we attempt to communicate or relate to others we become more considerate of the other as it is our divine right to experience the world in our very own way. From that day forward I was sure to be more clear with him and not just assume that my viewpoint or opinion was not the same as his.

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