The Importance of Clarity in Communication

We must be clear with our messages. Our animal friends innately feel the energy that accompanies our communication. Be conscious of the thought or image that you project when speaking with them. Our actual words only support the conversation because they are reading the energies of our intention. They will come to identify the sound and energy or your words along with the visual that you send.

Animals can identify insincerity and will respond accordingly. If we are not in alignment with what we communicate to them, they will lose trust in the relationship. Animal Communication requires us to open our heart.

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A Matter of Perspective

I would like to share an experience I had with my horse Sweetie, because it demonstrated for me how each of us see the world from our own viewpoints. Often we may project or assume (as I did in this case) that the other should see or feel the same way that we do. Once again, Sweetie taught me in a way that I could not forget.

Sweetie and I had just arrived at a new horse rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania, in hopes of strengthening his immune system to help his injured leg heal. The farm was located in the center of Amish country. Since it was not advisable to put an injured horse in a large pasture before being evaluated by his new vet, I would hand walk him as much as possible for light exercise and some grazing. Hand walking a horse is not much different than walking a dog; horses are attached to a lead line (“a leash”), which attaches to a halter that straps gently around their head.

On this particular day, it was sunny and bright. Together, we walked around the area of the barn. Some distance away on the road, I spotted a typical Amish horse and buggy heading in our direction, which is a sight that I was familiar with as I had seen movies that portrayed the way the Amish live. Sweetie had his head down in the grass and was doing some serious grazing, so he had not yet seen the buggy. I thought to myself that this should not scare him. After all, he was from Brooklyn and if he could be hand walked in traffic without it being frightened, he could surely handle a horse with a buggy behind it. My assumption was that he was around other horses every day. Why would this be any different?

At the moment that Sweetie spotted it on the road, he took to flight – with me on the other end of the lead line! In that moment, I had no chance of convincing him that he was safe, nor could I stop a 2000 pound animal in that state. The only way I could possibly even slow him down was to throw myself in a nearby bush to gain in order not to be dragged down the driveway. This did indeed slow him down because I would not let go of the lead line. I knew instinctively knew that if I let go Sweetie would be off and running in a very unfamiliar place, which would frighten him even more.

Once the horse and buggie passed us and he saw that it was just passing by, he began to calm down. When we I calmed down to the point that I could communicate with him, I said, “Sweetie, what was that all about? It was simply a horse, like you pulling a wagon. How could this frighten you so?”

He replied, “I saw that buggie chasing that horse, and I was out of there.” It was in that moment that I realized that we each see the world through the lens of our experience or individual perception. If we can keep this in the forefront when we attempt to communicate or relate to others we become more considerate of the other as it is our divine right to experience the world in our very own way. From that day forward I was sure to be more clear with him and not just assume that my viewpoint or opinion was not the same as his.

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The Bird on Wall Street

On Wall Street in New York City, there are many tall buildings and only a few animals to be seen. In the lobby of one of these buildings, there was a florist’s shop. I happened to be passing by this particular building, and saw a bird cage positioned outside of the florist’s store, under a window on the ground.

“How strange,” I thought to myself.

Peering inside, I noticed a tiny parakeet in a cage sitting on the floor in the corner. The hustle of the City would sometimes become overwhelming, so I took advantage of any opportunity to chat with animals.

I bent down to this parakeet to say hello when a janitor named Mario walked up to me and said, “Ah, I see you are a bird person… how nice.”

I replied, “Actually I love all animals, and I am an animal communicator.”

He laughed out loud and said, “Yes I know all about you people. You are all crazy. Talk to animals? Please…!”

I assured him that I truly did, and he replied, “Okay, if you talk to animals… then tell me about this bird.”

I kneeled down to get closer to the little parakeet and said to him, “You’d better make this good, because this guy is testing us.”

The bird replied nonchalantly while he was cleaning his feathers, “Actually, this man is very special. He saved my life.”

While I did not get any more detail than this, I stood up and shared this information with Mario.
I said, “This bird says that you are a very special man because you saved his life.”

Mario’s eyes widened and filled with tears.

Mario spoke passionately and said, “My goodness, maybe you aren’t crazy. I did save his life. Do you know that this bird’s cage was hanging from the ceiling in the florists shop when it suddenly came loose and fell to the floor with the bird in it? He hit the floor with the cage. He was injured and we were sure that he was going to die. I took him home and handfed him twice daily. I nursed him back to life. How did you know that I did this?”

I said that I hadn’t known, but that the bird told me. This changed Mario’s life and his view about animals forever. For many years following, I would get Christmas cards from Mario thanking me for opening him up to the inner world of the animals.

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2021: New World Energies

As we come to a close of this pivotal year. We have seen the best of who we are in the face of undeniable challenges. May we let go of what no longer resonates with us, come together, and focus on what is true for humanity, for the animals and for the earth.

I am excited to introduce The Telepathic Energy Café: a new opportunity enhance your telepathic skills on so many levels. We will meet monthly via Zoom; you can join for one month or continue on an ongoing basis. The Café is designed to help you strengthen and practice your innate ability to communicate with the animals, each other and all of life.

What have you always wanted to know about telepathic communication? The Telepathic Energy Café is your opportunity to learn these answers!


  • January 2021 Topic: Understanding New World Energies
  • First live meeting on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 and the third Wednesday of each month thereafter (4PM PST & 7PM EST via Zoom)
  • Continuous interaction through a Private Facebook group throughout the month
  • Only $38 per month or a discounted rate of $107 per quarter with no long term commitment required.

Recordings of each session will be available for those who cannot attend.
Each member will have access to our Private Facebook group once you have registered in order.

Click here to register!

Wondering what the difference is between The Café and a live class?
A live class gives you the experience of communication and helps you to establish your style of communicating. On the other hand, The Café is structured for interactive practice and community support.

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A Cloned Dog Speaks

I had the privilege to speak with a young dog who was a clone of another dog. I share this story because it clearly demonstrates that healing, which is a natural process of life, occurs with honest intention, understanding and compassion.

I received a call from a person wanting a consultation with this dog because he was destroying the house. He would, without apparent reason, chew on odd things like walls and carpets and destroy them beyond repair. It is true that puppies chew things while navigating their new world but his person, being an experienced dog person, felt this was excessive and beyond average puppy behavior.

At no time prior to our consult did my client tell me her dog was a clone. I proceeded as my usual course to explain how I would energetically tune in with her animal on all levels, mentally, physically and spiritually. Then after scanning his body throughout from the inside, we would begin our three-way conversation with him.

I expressed to his person that I felt a disconnection of sorts, in one small area on the inside of his brain. It did not seem serious but felt it definitely worth a mention. These disconnections may occur for various underlying reasons, most of which an animal communication consult would reveal.
After hearing the description of this disconnection, his person then informed me that he was a clone of her dog that passed a short time ago. She proceeded to explain that she was so distraught with grief that she did not know what else to do to help herself with her sadness. She had a very deep connection with her late dog and wanted to maintain his memory.

I hesitated for a moment, and then asked the puppy what he had to say about all this. He responded and said, “I don’t know who she is talking to when she speaks but she is not talking to me.” He further explained that he felt left out and on his own. He said he did not have such a great connection with her because she was constantly telling him how much he looked like her other dog.

I came back to his person and said, “You do realize that this dog may look like your other dog, but he is a completely different soul.”

She said, “Oh yes, of course I do.”

I said, “Well, he does not feel connected to you because you are actually still connecting with your dog in spirit when you refer or speak to him.”

She acknowledged that she kept calling him by her late dog’s name even though she he had his own name. She also said that whenever we meet people who knew her other dog, they too would comment on how similar they look. Animals, like people want to feel genuinely valued, accepted and loved for who they are. If any of these are lacking in a relationship, there will be some level of disconnection as we see in the behavior in this case.

She immediately understood where I was going with the conversation. I went on to explain that when she is constantly referring to her other dog, she actually overlooks him resulting in this energetic disconnect. I went further to explain that our goal would be to recreate these chords of connection by speaking directly with him. This will keep him engaged and in the moment with her.

It is not that different from being fully engaged in a conversation with another person. We connect with this person at a heartfelt level. The animals always pick up the energy behind our words and are very clear of our intentions when we speak. It is important that we become conscious of what we say to them at all times. The woman said she actually did love him dearly and did not realize what she was doing.

She began immediately to follow my suggestions of consciously connecting and appreciating her puppy for the wonderful spirit that he is. In an instant, she stated, the behavior ceased and they continue to enjoy each other in all that they do together to this day.

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The Nature of Trauma

Recently and with great success, I have been working with animals and people who have suffered extreme trauma early in their lives. I gravitated to this work in an effort to understand and heal deeply held trauma in my own life; this topic has been in the spotlight in our current world. The Earth and everyone who inhabits the Earth are experiencing changes in energetic patterns that are unprecedented. These new energies are encouraging the great changes we are seeing in the world but also in our own inner world and those of the animals.

Our society tends to view trauma as an event that once it has passed, the body, mind and soul can carry on as though it did not occur. This is not the actual reality about trauma. We cannot quantify a traumatic experience with words because it is energetic in nature, nor can we determine how much it should or should not affect another. We certainly cannot judge, from our perspective, when a person or animal should be “over it.” These words and judgments come from the mind and not the heart.

Trauma is personal. It is an inner experience. The experience leaves its imprint on the physical body, the emotional body and the energetic body. All three bodies intertwine in an extremely intimate way. Trauma leaves the person or animal awkwardly tethered to their past as they seemingly tend to their present day existence.

The journey of healing trauma requires that we love and understand with compassion.
I have developed programs for the animals and for people to begin the process of recovering their inner balance. Each program consists of communication to understand the experience. It may also include energy healing and bodywork to help release the trauma held on the physical level. Supplements may be necessary to support the body or homoeopathy to support both physical and emotional imbalance. It is not a one-size fits all approach because trauma is unique to each individual.

Healing is not one thing or one modality or a quick fix. It requires a multi-dimensional approach because it is a multi-dimensional event.

To make an appointment for this type of treatment, fill in the information in the contact form.

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Talking With Animals

Folks often ask how best to communicate with their animal friends. Let us talk a bit about the ways animal communicate and then see how you could get in on the conversation. They use their bodies to relay messages both domestically and in the wild. Some species have their own form of dance to communicate for specific reasons. We may get in on that communication by observing what we see. They also communicate telepathically.

What is telepathic communication? The word telepathy means to send and receive information without the use of language with or without movement or sound. We can think of it as information in motion. The animals are natural masters at directing this movement of information. While we are as well, we are not completely aware of when we do this. For this reason, I advise clients and friends to speak with their animals and they ask; how will an animal understand this? Here is how it works. When you are speaking, you are not aware of the energy of your words before they are words; however, the animals are very clear about this. Your words are energy in motion. Before they are words, they are thoughts, which are energy. We do not consciously think about this but the animals are constantly picking up signals like this from us and from their world around them.

This is why when we speak to animals and not at animals (in whatever language), they are not computing the words but the energy and intentions that travel with the words. It is most important for us to be present when we speak to them; otherwise, they just hear babble. Being present, another natural for the animals, is not our strength as humans. We are easily distracted into the mix of our busy world and this takes us out of the present moment.

One way to achieve presence is to be sure we are breathing when we communicate/talk with our animal friends. This connects us to the earth and they feel this connection. Talking with your animal takes consistent practice. This helps the animal get accustomed to communicating with you and it becomes a new normal for you both. In my view and observation over the years of talking with animals, I see that it merely requires us to quiet down and be aware of our thoughts and words. As a result, they experience us differently and respond with a newfound enthusiasm because they begin to thrive on the connection. When we extend ourselves to understand the perception of another, we all benefit. Healing requires our focus for our animals, our world and ourselves.

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Defining Spirituality in Animals

Discover how animals consistently demonstrate the power of the present moment in their expression of spirituality. This video is from an interview with Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Kerri Clough of the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland.

I welcome your feedback on the topic of this research project. Click here to send questions and comments to me.

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It Is Imperative to Communicate with Our Animals During Stressful Times

In these unprecedented times, we are all experiencing fear and concern for those we hold dear. Our animals always seek to support us in silent ways, which we are not always aware. Sometimes we seek comfort from them. More often than not, they support us as they instinctively feel our energy and the collective energy.

It is important to be honest with our animal companions just as we are with children. Communicate with your animals and thank them for their help and concern. Animals can take on our stress, so if you know this is the case with your companion then do assure them that you will keep them safe.

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Is It Possible to Talk to Wild Animals?

I’ve been asked the above question countless times over my many years in practice. The answer to this question is a resounding YES; I’d like to share the most recent experience I had with non-domesticated animals with you: The Story of Mr.  & Mrs. John Dove.

My car rests at night in a covered parking area. Underneath the cover, there are several florescent lights for safe parking.  One morning, I came down to find that there were two doves extremely busy creating a nest inside in one of the fixtures over my car.  I immediately thought that this is not a good place to nest for many reasons.  The doves were only a few feet from where I was standing, so I stopped and asked if they would kindly move their nest since this was not a safe place to have babies.

As soon as I asked, Mr. Dove said, “Sure, we will move!” and he flew off thinking that his wife Mrs. Dove would be right behind.  He flew high but stopped in one of the trees next to the building when he realized that Mrs. Dove was still in the nest.

She said to me “I am NOT moving.”

She was staring me down and it was then I realized that birds do not usually move their nest particularly when asked by a human.  I settled with this fact but continued the conversation telling her that I understood how she felt.  I walked away and accepted the fact that she had her reasons to stay.  I told her that I respected her decision and went upstairs.

The next morning when I came down I saw Mr. and Mrs. Dove building in a different light on the far side of my car.  She had indeed moved her nest from the first light.  I thanked so much for moving the nest but told her again that she was still in danger because the lights were not a safe place for nesting. This time I explained to her that there was too much human activity that would scare her babies.  I pointed to a place on the deck of an empty apartment where it was quieter and out of the way of human traffic.  They both gave me a look of disgust. I got in my car and drove away.

When I came back that afternoon they were completely gone from both locations. She had moved her nest yet again.  I communicated with her silently thanking her again and assuring her that she made the right decision.  A few days later when the gardener was blowing the leaves with the blower, I received a message from her thanking me for my good advice.  She communicated that she and her family were safe.

Communication with animals takes time, patience and most importantly believing that it is possible.

To learn more about this topic, go to the Animal Communication page and sign up to receive a free download about how you can start talking to animals. 

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