A Horse Grateful to be Heard

Location: Kentucky Horseshoeing School

Due to my telepathic communication experiences with my horse Sweetie, I was very in-tune with his needs. He was very clear about what he needed, and informed me that his feet must be trimmed in a particular way to keep him structurally sound. Unfortunately for me, there was not a single farrier (a craftsman that trims and shoes horses’ hooves) in the area who would trim Sweetie’s feet the precise way that Sweetie wanted them to be trimmed. So, I decided go to Kentucky and take a horseshoeing course so that I could trim his feet myself.

The weekend before I left for Kentucky, I was interviewed on the Howard Stern Radio Show. Howard did his usual ridicule when I told him about ability to communicate with animals.

He asked, “Do German Shepherds speak German?”

Robin Quivers, his co-host, also jumped on that bandwagon. However, I had just spoken to her horse because I had been communicating with other horses at the barn where her horse happened to be living. Robin had left money for me so that I would communicate with her horse. I made sure to point this fact out to her during the show.

I immediately headed for Kentucky after the show. During the intake interview at the school, one of the questions asked was about my current occupation. The director of the school and head instructor, Mitch Taylor, chuckled when he learned that I talked to animals. I assured him that I was there solely to learn how to trim hooves, and that making him a believer in animal communication was not my intention. We proceeded with the training.

On one particular day during the course, a worker came up to Mitch claiming that he and three other men could not control a frightened mare enough to get the last two shoes on her feet. He asked Mitch if his horse whisperer could come and help. Mitch agreed to allow me to try. I understood from the men that this was the mare’s first horseshoeing experience. I approached the mare with caution. It was clear that she was terrified and uncertain of what was happening to her.

I first did some energy work with her soul, which calmed her some. I explained to her exactly what the men were doing, and that her person wanted her to wear the shoes in order to protect her feet. I explained how long it would take for the remaining two shoes. I made it clear to her that she would not be injured or hurt in any way. Almost immediately she lifted her foot into my hand. I signaled to the men that she was now ready for them to complete their work.

I remained close by to support her with my thoughts and physical presence. The four shoes were on her feet. While she was not thrilled about the idea of shoes, she was no longer afraid. All of the workers and Mitch himself were amazed at the difference a little good communication could make.

One of the men exclaimed, “By God that was amazing! And by the way, were you on Howard Stern last week?”

These men witnessed firsthand what they heard on the Howard Stern Show. I am sure that Howard Stern did not realize that he would be helping a horse in Kentucky while doing his radio interview in New York.

I gained a newfound respect for the farriers of the world. It is a difficult skill that requires physical stamina, and a great deal of practice.

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Kid’s Korner: “Believe You Can”

A Message from Sweetie:
“Children and animals share the power of the present moment.
It is a fact that together, we are the future of the world.”

– Sweet Dreams Lozito

*** Check out Sweetie’s book here! ***

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The Art of Listening

When we attempt to receive communication from an animal, we listen with our whole being. It is somewhat different from hearing the sound of language. It is energy, a silent language of the mind and heart. We listen in silence and hear and perceive with all of our being.

When we ask our animal friend a question, the answers may be received as a thought, an idea, a concept or a feeling. Observe how the communication comes through. Most importantly, be open to receiving different forms of communication. If we are expecting a sentence and a feeling comes instead, we may discard the communication because of our expectation.

It may appear that the animal is not listening or paying attention to your communication. Animals can hear and understand, even if they are not looking directly at you. If your intention to communicate is clear and centered, this will come across to them.

Practice with a light heart and have fun. If you are open and joyous, the animals will be drawn to you and be willing to respond to your communication.

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Do We Really Understand Energy?

The following is an excerpt from Donna’s forthcoming book:

“Energy is the basis of our Universe; everything that is material begins as energy. Our words are formed by the energy of our thoughts.

When we learn to read and speak, we relate a picture to a word. We subconsciously create a visual association to a word each time that word is spoken. Our animal companions will pick up the picture that remains etched in our consciousness when we speak words. This is how they understand when we speak to them; they are actually picking up the energy behind our words. They can think, understand and perceive.

They also understand what we are feeling because our emotions are energetic vibrations which they intuitively perceive and respond to. They communicate with each other in this way.

When we understand this process, we are more conscious of the visuals that our thoughts create and more aware of our own emotional presence. If we can embrace the idea that animals are intelligent beings, then we begin to create a new way of relating to them.”

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Animals in Spirit: Making the Connection

Our experience with our animal friends is often as individual and meaningful as our human relationships. I am writing about this because I am often asked how the animals feel about death and dying, and what exactly happens to them after they pass on. Our upbringing and our culture play a role in forming our beliefs about this topic. I have had the opportunity to communicate with many animals in spirit and found that this connection offers great comfort and continued guidance for their people. Each relationship carries its specific purpose and it is not one way for all beings.

In my experience, the soul journey of an animal is not that different from that of a human. It is true that their viewpoint and acceptance of death may be quite different from ours, as humans tend to believe that death is “the end” even though we may unconsciously know otherwise. The animals are less fearful of death, because they are aware that it is a mere fact of life and they know that it is a continuation of their experience in a different form.

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The Art of Healing

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination or experience
Healing: the process of becoming balanced again or to restore to sound health

As far back as I can remember, I intuitively knew that healing was going to be a main part of my journey this time around. I have pursued this exploration on just about every level of my existence. We all come to experience what it means to heal at some point. We may need to heal due to a loss or trauma. It may be physical or emotional, or perhaps some healing is required on the spiritual level.

Following is my favorite aphorism (“Aphorism #9”) of The Organon of the Medical Art by Samuel Hahnemann:

“In the healthy human state, the spirit-like force (autocracy) that enlivens the material organism as dynamis; governs without restriction; and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling, rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence.”

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Organic House Cleaner


  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup of organic white vinegar
  • ¼ cup of organic apple cider vinegar (optional)
  • ¼ cup organic lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of food grade hydrogen peroxide (optional)
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