Consultation with Donna

Preparing for a Consultation
Appointments for phone consultations can be made by clicking here. During our consultation I will communicate with your companion animal, asking any questions or concerns you may have. I then communicate answers directly from your companion back to you and then you can ask further questions. Many issues or concerns can be resolved through this process.

Commonly Asked Questions
Communications are individual but there are common questions that people often want answers to. Some of these are: Are you happy? What can I do for you? Do you like your food? Would you like to have another animal in the house?

Client testimonial:

“Yet again, your help with the new dog was invaluable. We changed what we were saying to her to the phrase you recommended and you could almost see her “get it.” She has not had an accident in the home in two days (the time since we last spoke). I am so happy to have had your help these past eight years–since the time you helped with Lexie’s soul retrieval. After that, she went from being a true blank slate who we thought was deaf to a dog/girl who kept learning new things–her name, her many nicknames, and best of all, how to be a real dog. My experience with your help when we adopted Jack was the same–I kept telling him he was my “forever boy” and his anxiety decreased to the point where he was not chewing or eating non-food items. Again, this was almost an immediate response. Between your skills at communication and your homeopathic knowledge, I am so grateful. I keep recommending people with pets to you; all have informed me that your help was “right on” and invaluable.” ~AC

These therapies are never a substitute for required veterinary care.

To set up an appointment with Donna, you can contact her here or call.

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