Do We Really Understand Energy?

The following is an excerpt from Donna’s forthcoming book:

“Energy is the basis of our Universe; everything that is material begins as energy. Our words are formed by the energy of our thoughts.

When we learn to read and speak, we relate a picture to a word. We subconsciously create a visual association to a word each time that word is spoken. Our animal companions will pick up the picture that remains etched in our consciousness when we speak words. This is how they understand when we speak to them; they are actually picking up the energy behind our words. They can think, understand and perceive.

They also understand what we are feeling because our emotions are energetic vibrations which they intuitively perceive and respond to. They communicate with each other in this way.

When we understand this process, we are more conscious of the visuals that our thoughts create and more aware of our own emotional presence. If we can embrace the idea that animals are intelligent beings, then we begin to create a new way of relating to them.”

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