For optimum wellness, good nutrition is essential for any species. Many long-term chronic ailments stem directly from poor feeding practices. Unfortunately, these have become the Standard American Diet (SAD). Our supermarkets abound with highly processed foods devoid of “live” nutrients. During the processing, all of the food’s live nutrients are eradicated, destroying its ability to nourish the body.

Processed foods are difficult for animals to digest. In addition, these foods almost always contain measurable amounts of poisons due to the ways in which they are processed. For your pet, it is best to attempt to mimic as closely as possible, the diet he/she would have in the wild. Given the choice most of our domesticated pets would not choose to eat dry processed food.

Holistic nutrition involves eliminating toxins in the diet by reducing the amount of processed food and snacks. Each species requires whole foods that are as close to nature as possible.

If your pet is sick, chance of recovery will greatly increase if she/he is getting the proper nutrients the body requires in order to maintain balance and stamina.

In many cases simply changing the diet alone can effect change in the conditions we seek to medicate. You can begin by understanding what you are feeding by reading the labels on pet food cans and bags of dry food. Pay attention that the meat you purchase is indeed meat, and not simply anonymous animal by-products.

While some dry foods may be economical, animals were not designed to eat processed food out of a bag. Just as you would eat the cleanest foods for yourself, your pet will benefit by the same consideration. Be especially careful for artificial preservatives and coloring, some of which are highly toxic.

A Common Sense Approach

Luckily for us, there are a variety of ways to include good nutrition. You can buy ready-to-feed or focus on buying unprocessed organic meats and veggies that involve minimal preparation at home. It is important to work with your holistic veterinarian so that a good nutritional balance is ensured. If your pet is a carnivore (dog or cat), a diet incorporating raw meat may or may not be recommended. However, in many cases, this has proven to be very beneficial. If this is not appropriate for any reason, there are other unprocessed or minimally processed diets that may also be suitable.

Some conventional practices put animals on specific medical diets for allergies, dental problems, hair balls, kidney disease, weight loss, and so on. Your animal will likely benefit by switching to the cleanest species-appropriate diet possible. If good nutrition is attained and symptoms persist, Homeopathic remedies may then be introduced. For optimal effect of the Homeopathic remedy, sound nutrition is paramount.

And remember! Small changes can equal big results. Positive nutritional choices can make a huge difference in your pets’ energy level, vitality and well-being as well as of yourself.

A major component of my work, whether it be a Homeopathic Consultation and/or Animal Communication Consultation, Holistic Nutrition is the foundation to wellness for any species.

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