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If you are interested in hosting an event at your home or business, please click here to contact Donna, or call 917-414-9253.

Become a Professional Animal Communicator!
For an opportunity to study how principles relate to communicating with animals and nature, please be aware that a private mentoring program is available, and a group course will be offered in mid-April. Please see details below.

Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication

  • Become familiar with the dynamics of telepathy
  • Understand how we personally send and receive information, images, and feelings
  • Increase awareness and confidence to use your innate abilities on a daily basis with your animal friends as well as with plants minerals and all of nature

Telepathic Animal Communication – Level II
(prerequisite: “Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication”)

  • Learn to interpret the messages of the plants, animals, minerals, and elements of the earth
  • Explore our individual strengths and weaknesses in order to build our confidence.
  • Communicate with animals in Spirit and explore the human grief process
  • Communicate directly with Mother Earth

Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication (via Teleconference Call)
This fun-filled, enlightening class is designed for each person to become familiar with the natural rhythm of conversing with animal companions and all of life. Learn the dynamics of telepathy – the first language of the animals. The goal is cultivate awareness and confidence in order to use your abilities on a daily basis. Each class session is a unique and heartfelt experience in discovering the miracle of the interspecies communication.

Learn the Basics of Homeopathy

  • Discover the power of Homeopathy
  • Understand the origin of dis-ease
  • Gain insight into the Homeopathic process to wellness
  • Learn how Homeopathy can support your Body, Mind and Spirit

If you are interested in any of these learning opportunities, please click here to contact Donna, or call 917-414-9253.

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