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Homeopathy and It’s Healing Energy

Wednesday, 10/23 from 5 – 6:30 PM Pacific

Homeopathy brings us one step closer to nature and her power to heal.
Participate in a discussion about the fundamentals of homeopathy.
We will discuss the remedy, its origin and uses in acute care in our daily life…

Location: Zoom Online
Cost: FREE

To register, please click here to send a message through the contact form.
Upon registration, you are giving permission for a recording of the event to be used by Whispers of the Spirit, LLC for business and commercial purposes.

Host an Event!
If you are interested in hosting an event at your home or business, please click here to contact Donna, or call 917-414-9253.

Become a Professional Animal Communicator!
For an opportunity to study how principles relate to communicating with animals and nature, please be aware that a private mentoring program is available, and a group course will be offered in mid-April. Please see details below.

Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication

  • Become familiar with the dynamics of telepathy
  • Understand how we personally send and receive information, images, and feelings
  • Increase awareness and confidence to use your innate abilities on a daily basis with your animal friends as well as with plants minerals and all of nature

Telepathic Animal Communication – Level II
(prerequisite: “Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication”)

  • Learn to interpret the messages of the plants, animals, minerals, and elements of the earth
  • Explore our individual strengths and weaknesses in order to build our confidence.
  • Communicate with animals in Spirit and explore the human grief process
  • Communicate directly with Mother Earth

Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication (via Teleconference Call)
This fun-filled, enlightening class is designed for each person to become familiar with the natural rhythm of conversing with animal companions and all of life. Learn the dynamics of telepathy – the first language of the animals. The goal is cultivate awareness and confidence in order to use your abilities on a daily basis. Each class session is a unique and heartfelt experience in discovering the miracle of the interspecies communication.

Learn the Basics of Homeopathy

  • Discover the power of Homeopathy
  • Understand the origin of dis-ease
  • Gain insight into the Homeopathic process to wellness
  • Learn how Homeopathy can support your Body, Mind and Spirit

If you are interested in any of these learning opportunities, please click here to contact Donna, or call 917-414-9253.

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