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Each of the classes listed below are offered every month. Look forward to the 2021 schedule soon! If your schedule allows, you can participate that day or receive a recording. Each class has a 90-minute duration. You can register for one class or the complete series of classes at a discount.

Basics in Telepathic Communication, $62
Wednesday, May 12, 2021: 5 PM (PT), 8 PM (ET) via Zoom
It is imperative to understand how we use energy as we navigate the twists and turns of our new world. We will become familiar with energy and demonstrate ways to send and receive information energetically: whether to our animals, to each other or toward healing for our world. You will discover how to move energy with intention and focus and practice various techniques individually and as a group.
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Beyond Words – Interpreting the Message, $62
Wednesday, February 10, 2021: 4 PM (PT), 5 PM (MT), 7 PM (ET) via Zoom
The language of energy differs from the language of words. We will explore the many ways in which information travels via energetic pathways. Together we will interpret these messages and translate our intentions into communication. You will learn how to keep these pathways open so you can deepen your relationship with your animals and the earth.
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Animal Spirituality – Our Animals in Spirit, $62
Wednesday, March 10, 2021: 4 PM (PT), 5 PM (MT), 7 PM (ET) via Zoom
Animals have a deep understanding of the workings of the soul. We will connect with these beings of light and better understand the purpose of your inner journey with them. They will point you in the direction of positive movement and growth. Often, they identify the patterns that we unconsciously hold and show us how to release them. These masters have a great deal to offer once we become clear on how to send and receive their messages.
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Homeopathy: The Energetic Medicine, $62
Wednesday, April 14, 2021: 5 PM (PT), 8 PM (ET) via Zoom
Learn the basics in homeopathy. Together we will discover everything that it can do for you, your family, and your animals. Homeopathy is a non-toxic, natural healing tool to support your lifestyle. We will learn the top homeopathic remedies, and how and when to use them. Homeopathy can support our health and vitality as we navigate our uncertain world.
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Become a Professional Animal Communicator!
For an opportunity to study how principles relate to communicating with animals and nature, please be aware that a private mentoring program is available.

Host an Event!
If you are interested in hosting an event at your home or business, please click here to contact Donna, or call 917-414-9253.

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