Sweetie Dreams Lozito: Message on a Window

Over the years and especially at the close of 2019, many animals in my practice and close friends have lost their animal companions… or did they? In my practice, I make it a point to leave my experience aside and focus on each client as much as is possible. However, at the end of 2019 I found it almost impossible not to share this story with some of my clients. Many of my friends already know this incredible story, and some have shared this experience in real time.

His name was Sweet Dreams Lozito, a 16 year old handsome thoroughbred that showed up in a barn off the shore of Jamaica Bay, in Brooklyn. For me, he was the dream of this lifetime realized. In his physical form, he influenced all who were lucky enough to cross his path.

He taught me how to communicate with animals; he led me to homeopathic medicine. He opened my heart and showed me the experience of what love and closeness and partnership was all about. He forced me to use my voice that was repeatedly shut down in my early years. And most importantly he taught me about death. His death opened the flood gates to immense about grief I held in my heart, most of which I could only feel and never explain. The day of his death, I thought my life was over. I numbed myself to the depths of what I felt. Little did I know that it was the doorway to expansion beyond what I could fathom in those moments and days and months around this great loss.

About 5 years after his death, he communicated to me that I needed to leave NY immediately. At the time, I was completing my 4-year long courses in Homeopathic Medicine. I want to share that at times like these when communication is received, it is not uncommon to elicit the help of other animal communicators to verify information received. When we are in the thick of our circumstance, sometimes it is difficult to navigate clearly from the center. I reached out for support from other communicators who walked before me. The messages were clear. Move west and move now. I must qualify to the accuracy of Sweetie’s guidance prior to this moment. He never missed. I build such trust in anything he would say, because it always proved to be correct information on any topic.

I was complaining that I needed to wait but he said that if I wait then I would not do it. I kind of gave him a hard time but he was adamant, and I listened.

He did not specify which state but I chose Arizona because it is somewhat friendly to holistic medicine. I was certifying in homeopathy and I wanted to create a practice along with my animal communication practice.

I rented a home high in the mountains. I had been living in NYC, a town with 6 million people and now I was moving to a spot on the mountain which consisted of just a couple of neighbors and myself. As beautiful as it was, I was terrified. Before arriving at the new home that I rented, I had asked one woman I had gotten acquainted with to please help find someone who could clean the houses before I moved in. The windows were of special concern to me. Something about clean windows always was a thing for me. In hindsight, I suspect it is about seeing the truth clearly.

The day came when I was moving into my new place. It was a snowy December day in the high desert mountains; the moving truck was slipping and sliding its way up my driveway. I was quite stressed and frightened. Elizabeth, the woman who prepared the place for me was with me for move-in day.

She saw that I was extremely stressed and said, “Donna, come here in the spare room. I want to show you something.”

I thought she was crazy. “Elizabeth,” I said, “I can’t come in there… the truck is here, and the guys need some assistance.”

She insisted. I came in the room and she was pointing to the window.

She said “Do you see this?

As I got closer I saw what looked like smudges on the window. I thought she was concerned that I might be upset because that window was not clean.

She grabbed my arm and said, “Do you see this?”

I said “Ah yes, a bit of smudge… not to worry, it’s not a problem.”

She said, “No, I mean this image.”

She explained that she cleaned the window 9 times until she heard a voice say, “Stop cleaning this window. I am Sweetie and this is my friend Dusty, and we are here for Donna.”

As stunned as she was, she screamed out loud. She took a photo before she ran of the house, and went straight to Christina, the woman who referred her to me. She told Christina what happened and asked, “Who is Sweetie?”

Christina replied, “Oh, Sweetie is Donna’s beloved horse who passed away a few years back.”

It was clear that Sweeties’ spirit was on the window with his dear friend Dusty, who was the horse of Sweetie’s massage therapist when she was a kid. The day I left for my big move I happened to be at the therapists’ home and saw a picture of Dusty on the wall.

I said, “Francie, I never realized how much Sweetie and Dusty looked alike.”

She replied, “Yes, I always felt that each time I would work on Sweetie.”

In the entire world and in all the communications with Sweetie, he never once told me or any communicator that if I go west, he would let me know he was there to watch over things and show his spirit on the window or any other place. I made the move because I trusted him and our relationship. And believe me when I say that trust has not been my strength in this lifetime.

I learned to trust him while he was here in physical form. In retrospect, I see the reason for this. It was so that I could trust him going forward when he left his body. We can communicate with our animal friends when they are in their bodies as well as when they pass because it is a spirit-to-spirit communication. We are communicating telepathically with the spirit of our beloved animals.

I experienced firsthand how Sweetie would take care of me when I was on his back. When we approached a jump that felt overwhelming, he would say “Just hold on, I got this”. He would move to the left or the right to keep me balanced. He always showed up for me and I did the same for him.

I am certain that we all have a Sweet Dreams in our lives. That one being in human form or animal form that cannot be replaced by anything or anyone, ever. In my experience, this is the relationship that continues on and on. While it may not always be an imprint on a window, it will for certain show up in other ways to continue to teach and guide you.

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