Testimonials for Animal Services

My poodle Bravo and American Shorthair cat Kismet may look like an odd couple but they’re really very connected to each other. My soulmate poodle, Brio — Bravo’s predecessor, helped me to find Bravo when I so needed another dog . Donna Lozito’s “translations” from Brio and now from Bravo and Kismet are very important in my life. They affirm my own instincts and intuition and bring new revelations all the time!
– Elena M., New York


Donna – Thank you for guiding and supporting Klaus in his recovery. Your animal communication and consultation services are invaluable. Sending love & gratitude.
– Debbie Fallon, New Jersey



Here’s Zazoo going for a drive… very calm and happy (normally he cries off and on and is very anxious). I also gave Zaz a shower yesterday and not a peep out if him… thank you!
Nicole P., Virginia


Meet Mr. Feggio, a victim of one of the harshest Midwestern winters to date. He was a semi-feral, unaltered male who lived outside, but enjoyed limited contact with well-meaning humans who lacked the resources to provide him necessary healthcare.

Upon meeting him, I sensed that he was asking for my help. Upon taking him to the veterinarian, it was explained to me that he wouldn’t survive more than two more days if he wasn’t taken indoors and treated immediately. He had worms coming out his anus, his eyes were glued shut from infectious discharge, he was emaciated and severely dehydrated, and numerous patches of his fur were gone from a violent ringworm infestation. He was diagnosed with two different species of worms, an upper respiratory bacerial infection that had eaten away the turbinates in his nose, chronic herpes, and more. Most people felt strongly that I should euthanize him. Donna encouraged me to continue talking to him and to act according to his wishes.

Through consistent communication and gentle loving care, this beautiful spirit has not only survived, but has the potential to thrive. He told me he wanted a name, so I named him. He told me he wanted his own space to call home, so I gave him a quarantined room to separate his contagiousness from my other pet companions. Then he told me he would love to wear a collar with a name tag like all my pets, so I bought him a collar and put his name and my address on his tag. I talked to my other pets to let them know that he needed their love and support, and then rewarded them when they demonstrated kindness.

These pictures are taken five months apart, demonstrating that true healing takes time. This has been a difficult and long journey that is not yet over. This interspecies exchange has reinforced my belief that animal souls are intimately connected to Source and that they use their physical embodiment to teach us the beauty of interconnection and love. Thanks to Donna for her support to follow Mr. Feggio’s lead.”
– Jennifer C., Wisconsin


3 dogs on a loveseat
Hi Donna, just wanted to give you an update. It’s been a little over a month and all the dogs have seemed to have settled in. I even find Ollie playing with Cosmo here and there. Ollie took the longest to adjust and that’s fine. I’m really happy that he has come to like his little brother. He no longer turns away or get’s up and walks away when Cosmo comes near him. Hooray! Thank you so much!
– Betty Jo, Connecticut


Hi Donna: Yet again, your help with the new dog was invaluable. We changed what we were saying to her to the phrase you recommended and you could almost see her “get it.” She has not had an accident in the home in two days (the time since we last spoke). I am so happy to have had your help these past eight years–since the time you helped with Lexie’s soul retrieval. After that, she went from being a true blank slate who we thought was deaf to a dog/girl who kept learning new things–her name, her many nicknames, and best of all, how to be a real dog. My experience with your help when we adopted Jack was the same–I kept telling him he was my “forever boy” and his anxiety decreased to the point where he was not chewing or eating non-food items. Again, this was almost an immediate response. I am so grateful for your homeopathic knowledge. Other clients that you have worked with have informed me that your help was “right on” and invaluable.
– Laurie, New York, NY

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