The Art of Listening

When we attempt to receive communication from an animal, we listen with our whole being. It is somewhat different from hearing the sound of language. It is energy, a silent language of the mind and heart. We listen in silence and hear and perceive with all of our being.

When we ask our animal friend a question, the answers may be received as a thought, an idea, a concept or a feeling. Observe how the communication comes through. Most importantly, be open to receiving different forms of communication. If we are expecting a sentence and a feeling comes instead, we may discard the communication because of our expectation.

It may appear that the animal is not listening or paying attention to your communication. Animals can hear and understand, even if they are not looking directly at you. If your intention to communicate is clear and centered, this will come across to them.

Practice with a light heart and have fun. If you are open and joyous, the animals will be drawn to you and be willing to respond to your communication.

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