The Bird on Wall Street

On Wall Street in New York City, there are many tall buildings and only a few animals to be seen. In the lobby of one of these buildings, there was a florist’s shop. I happened to be passing by this particular building, and saw a bird cage positioned outside of the florist’s store, under a window on the ground.

“How strange,” I thought to myself.

Peering inside, I noticed a tiny parakeet in a cage sitting on the floor in the corner. The hustle of the City would sometimes become overwhelming, so I took advantage of any opportunity to chat with animals.

I bent down to this parakeet to say hello when a janitor named Mario walked up to me and said, “Ah, I see you are a bird person… how nice.”

I replied, “Actually I love all animals, and I am an animal communicator.”

He laughed out loud and said, “Yes I know all about you people. You are all crazy. Talk to animals? Please…!”

I assured him that I truly did, and he replied, “Okay, if you talk to animals… then tell me about this bird.”

I kneeled down to get closer to the little parakeet and said to him, “You’d better make this good, because this guy is testing us.”

The bird replied nonchalantly while he was cleaning his feathers, “Actually, this man is very special. He saved my life.”

While I did not get any more detail than this, I stood up and shared this information with Mario.
I said, “This bird says that you are a very special man because you saved his life.”

Mario’s eyes widened and filled with tears.

Mario spoke passionately and said, “My goodness, maybe you aren’t crazy. I did save his life. Do you know that this bird’s cage was hanging from the ceiling in the florists shop when it suddenly came loose and fell to the floor with the bird in it? He hit the floor with the cage. He was injured and we were sure that he was going to die. I took him home and handfed him twice daily. I nursed him back to life. How did you know that I did this?”

I said that I hadn’t known, but that the bird told me. This changed Mario’s life and his view about animals forever. For many years following, I would get Christmas cards from Mario thanking me for opening him up to the inner world of the animals.

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