The Nature of Trauma

Recently and with great success, I have been working with animals and people who have suffered extreme trauma early in their lives. I gravitated to this work in an effort to understand and heal deeply held trauma in my own life; this topic has been in the spotlight in our current world. The Earth and everyone who inhabits the Earth are experiencing changes in energetic patterns that are unprecedented. These new energies are encouraging the great changes we are seeing in the world but also in our own inner world and those of the animals.

Our society tends to view trauma as an event that once it has passed, the body, mind and soul can carry on as though it did not occur. This is not the actual reality about trauma. We cannot quantify a traumatic experience with words because it is energetic in nature, nor can we determine how much it should or should not affect another. We certainly cannot judge, from our perspective, when a person or animal should be “over it.” These words and judgments come from the mind and not the heart.

Trauma is personal. It is an inner experience. The experience leaves its imprint on the physical body, the emotional body and the energetic body. All three bodies intertwine in an extremely intimate way. Trauma leaves the person or animal awkwardly tethered to their past as they seemingly tend to their present day existence.

The journey of healing trauma requires that we love and understand with compassion.
I have developed programs for the animals and for people to begin the process of recovering their inner balance. Each program consists of communication to understand the experience. It may also include energy healing and bodywork to help release the trauma held on the physical level. Supplements may be necessary to support the body or homoeopathy to support both physical and emotional imbalance. It is not a one-size fits all approach because trauma is unique to each individual.

Healing is not one thing or one modality or a quick fix. It requires a multi-dimensional approach because it is a multi-dimensional event.

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