The 2021 Telepathic Energy Café

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  • Monthly = $26.00
  • Discounted rate of $75 per quarter

I am excited to introduce The Telepathic Energy Café: a new opportunity enhance your telepathic skills on so many levels. We will meet monthly via Zoom; you can join for one month or continue on an ongoing basis. The Café is designed to help you strengthen and practice your innate ability to communicate with the animals, each other and all of life.

What questions about telepathic communication have you always wanted to ask?
The Telepathic Energy Café is your opportunity to learn these answers.


  • First live meeting on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 and the last Wednesday of each month thereafter (4PM PST & 7PM EST via Zoom)
  • Continuous interaction through a Private Facebook group throughout the month
  • Only $26 per month or a discounted rate of $75 per quarter

Recordings of each session will be available for those who cannot attend. Each member will have access to our Private Facebook group once you have registered in order.

Wondering what the difference is between The Café and a live class?
A live class gives you the experience of communication and helps you to establish your style of communicating. On the other hand, The Café is structured for interactive practice and community support.